Dinners and more

DINNERS and more

BoCinq is definitely the place to be and a great hang out spot, the relaxed atmosphere in combination with a very high quality of food, drinks and service will give you an unique dining experience. Their kind of retro, and cool interior will make you feel welcome and right at home. Bo Cinq is really diverse, and with their different kind of private area's perfect for any kind of 'get together'.

Looking for a place to have a business dinner, an intimate gathering, a casual walking dinner, a special celebration, or pretty much any kind of party, they can provide it all. The possibillities are endless, and the chef is more than willing to costumize your menu, or let you create your own!

All though they are mostly known for their great food and amazing cocktails, they also have a beautiful wine bar you cannot miss. It not only looks stunning but has over a hundred different wines from different kind of regions.

Also nice to know, they organize wine tastings and cocktail workshops specially made for you, for an absolut amazing time you won't soon forget!


If you would like to receive more information, or have any kind of questions, please contact them at [email protected]